Comprehensive Heart Assessment

With the numerous recent reports in the media on “Sudden Death” involving younger and apparently healthy individuals, you may like to note that heart attacks are preventable if heart disease is detected earlier. Individuals with one or more of the following risk factors should consider having their heart checked.

Risk factors include:

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes mellitus

• Smoking

• High cholesterol

• Family members with heart disease

Most people who have a heart attack do not have any warning symptoms listed below. Therefore, if you have risk factors, call us for our Heart Attack Prevention Program.

Do you have symptoms of heart disease?

• Chest discomfort

• Shortness of breath at rest or on mild exertion

• Difficulty breathing

• Shortness of breath when lying down

• Abnormally strong, fast or irregular heart beat

Is high blood pressure troubling you?

If you have high blood pressure and are not sure whether is it due to anxiety, or whether your blood pressure is well controlled, we are able to help you achieve the optimal blood pressure control with our Blood Pressure Assessment and Management Program.